Monday, January 10, 2011

Cyndi Wang Scandal

Cyndi Wang Scandal, Cyndi Wang has gone MIA after canceling a campus event and postponing a song ecording, in the wake of ex-lover Wing Fan exposing their intimate photos and details of their relationship.

Cyndi Wang ScandalSo far, the sweet-looking singer has evaded the media, including staying home for 66 hours immediately after the incident. She would only be appearing on 14 May for a Teresa Teng memorial concert in Sichuan.

Wing Fan had revealed in a no-holds-barred interview that he was "disappointed" that Cyndi Wang was not a virgin at the tender age of 17, when she started dating him. He suspected that Cyndi has given her virginity to previous boyfriend Edward Ou but the latter denied his accusations.

Wing Fan was subsequently slammed by the public for the tasteless behaviour and for leveraging on her as publicity for himself. He had apologized to Cindy as well as admitting that he has a psychiatric condition.

On the scandal, Cyndi wrote, "I thought I could preserve a little piece of a beautiful memory, escape a bad love affair, and that everything will blow over. It turns out that I have to face both the good and bad parts of a relationship. I will not be left off even if I forget everything."

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