Monday, May 30, 2011

Lala Brown

Funeral services were detained for Yolanda "LaLa" Brown Thursday. Services were detained on the Mason Temple Church of God inside Christ Child on 6090 N. 35th Street in Milwaukee. Various websites are available to see videos as of LaLa Brown's funeral.Hundreds moved out in Milwaukee Wednesday evening to state farewell to songster Yolanda "LaLa" Brown. The wake for the 21-year-old, arising star in the R & B world, was apprehended at the Pitts Funeral Home on 20th as well as Capitol Wednesday.

An uncertain twice kill in 2007 in Milwaukee is listed for Saturday, U.S's Most Wanted.

flourishing R & B songster Yolanda "La La" Brown, 21, as well as his friend also creator JeTannue Clayborn, 22, were on the west surface studio, where she exists, Loud Enuff Productionz lifeless record 5500 W. Avenida de Lisboa.

Almost a week former, somebody had gone into the studio with tools, counting keyboards, a microphone, speakers, a computer as well as a mixer.

Brown's family did not recognize whether the earlier crime was obtained in relation among the loss other than held in 2007 that were out as of the lines as well as accessories used for tools taken subsequent to the shooting.

A fine determine of "America's Most Wanted" Role Yolanda as well as their buddy the sad kill of his show. Lala Brown has been full of activity with his foot in the door (or we can say she was to emerge on "sex" the initial single through Lyfe Jennings 2 of his album "The Phoenix) when she as well as her boyfriend moreover JeTannue Clayborn were set up in a modify of recording in '07 lifeless.

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