Sunday, June 19, 2011

Bombshell Magee

Bombshell Magee, Little was known about this woman before she made it to the center of the media circle but now that she sits in the center, a lot more is coming into the knowledge of the unknowing bystander. Bombshell Magee, the champion of seduction, made it through to her fifteen minutes of fame by having intercourses with someone whose wife is known the world over. The man, Jesse James, now stands convicted of infidelity as he ponders over the words to use to placatethe media curiosity relating to his side of the story but one thing is clear, his life with Sandra is pretty much over though one never knows what words a sincere heart may muster to regain the trust of lost lovers.

Bombshell Magee, the woman behind the infidelity, smiles as she answers questions to reporters and camera crews for television networks desperate for her disclosure. She thinks "this system is one I should

have manipulated before" but then another question arises from the center of the chaotic assembly of journalists, "is it true that In Touch Weekly paid you thirty thousand dollars to take an interview with you?" and she responds with a smile saying "No Comment."

Bombshell Magee has struck with the bombshell that will take her sky high on the back of another mans marriage and maybe things work out for the twenty-four year old but to have gotten so far through a brief stint of publicity will definitely arouse the ambition of other mistresses, though not everyone is as lucky to have slept with the husband of a global celebrity.


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