Thursday, May 12, 2011

Susan Boyle compares herself to Whistler’’s Mother

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Recalling her days before she achieved superstardom, Susan Boyle says she looked like the dull character in oil painting "Whistler’’s Mother".

The 1871 painting, officially called "Arrangement in Grey and Black: The Artist’’s Mother", is the work of American-born James McNeill Whistler. It shows Anna Whistler while she lived with her son in London.

“Oh for goodness sake! I looked like Whistler’’s Mother!” the Sun quoted Boyle, as saying.

She added: “I do scrub up well. Once I”ve got the false teeth in and the hair, you know, I”m fine.”

And even though the Scots singer, 49, can now afford to indulge herself with luxuries she still likes to use public transport.

Boyle said:  “Well if you don”t want to walk, you catch the bus.”

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