Saturday, June 25, 2011

Annie Lennox Hiv Positivea

Annie Lennox Hiv Positivea, annie lennox, is annie lennox hiv positive, eurythmics, lenox, balotelli ,annie lennox hiv positiveBritish musician Annie Lennox constantly wears HIV Positive t-shirt while busy in her advocacy against HIV AIDS virus. 54-year-old Annie Lennox works for both Nelson Mandela's 46664 campaign and TAC, the human rights groups. The groups focus on health, prosperity and education of HIV AIDS virus affected people.

Famous British musician and recording artist Annie Lennox that started her career in the music industry by joining 'The Tourists,' a British Pop Band is also engaged in a very noble cause; she is actively involved in arousing the awareness against HIV/AID virus.

The musician was honored with the "2009 Woman of Peace Award" since she devoted herself to fight against a disease that takes the life of millions each year, worldwide. Lennox did whatever fell within in her jurisdiction to raise the awareness of the HIV/AIDS and played an extremely vital role.

She targeted South Africa in particular where reportedly; the cruel disease is more common than other parts of the world. Annie launched a project of her own to which she named "Sing" and for the purpose of advertisement of her campaign; she used to wear a t-shirt that read HIV Positive.

Her involvement with campaigns like "Nelson Mandela's 46664" and "Treatment Action Campaign (TAC)" both being the human rights groups, Annie Lennox produced the famous song 'Sing' that later happens to the title of her project. The groups are involved to educate the people that somehow suffer with the HIVAIDS virus and they're tirelessly fighting for the prosperity and health issues of such people.

Annie's Web site is also called "Sing" and one can get all kind of information regarding both the prevention of the disease as well as awareness issues relating to AIDS.

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