Monday, June 27, 2011

Emma Watson Haircut, Emma Watson Hair, Emma Watson

emma watson haircutLatest News About Update Emma Watson Haircut: Emma Watson Short hair, Emma Watson New Haircut, Emma Watson, Emma Watson Hair, Emma Watson Twitte: Emma Watson haircut is news today, the star girl of the Harry Potter series now has a new hair cut. She has chopped all the hair off her head. Most of her fans like it, she has been a fantastic actor in the series and now that the film is over the girl knows how to stay in news. People love almost everything she does. We love even if she is going to do a Burberry's ad or walking on the red carpet.

The twenty years old Watson has experimented with her hair a bit. Before her new Emma Watson haircut she had the shoulder length hair, but now she has really small hair. In normal language you can also call it 'boy cut'. You can have a look at the photos of her new hair cut on Google and Twitter.

Watson has said herself that she has undergone a new hair cut and she has also posted a photo of herself in the new Emma Watson haircut. She also posted a small note on her Facebook wall that she wanted to this a long long time ago and she has now got the chance to do so. The hair cut first came into fashion in the 1960s; even today some celebrities Carey Mulligan have this short haircut. Emma has said that please comment on her new haircut that whether you like it or not. She said she hopes that every one of her fans would like her new haircut. You can have a look at her new photo posted on her Facebook profile by her on the following link: Click Here, many of the people have commented on her new haircut, some also said that they did not like it.

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