Friday, June 3, 2011

Sandra Bullock Pregnant With Jesse James Baby

Sandra Bullock Pregnant, Sandra Bullock's husband Jesse  James cheated on her. But is the trashy Michelle McGee not the only  Jesse James mistress?

Jesse James mistresses are coming out from  closet one after the other. Here is a man who despite having a loving,  famous and beautiful wife was preying on other women to have sex.

For Sandra Bullock this must be the biggest shock of her life.

Sandra Bullock has reportedly been staying in Austin, Texas. No one has  seen hide nor tail of Sandra Bullock since the tattoo model Michelle  Bombshell McGee dropped her bombshell that she was having an 11 month  affair with Sandra's husband Jesse James.

Whether Sandra Bullock is really pregnant or  not remains to be known but the rumor has already spread like wildfire  on the Internet. The actress recently found some consolation from Betty White

Seems like the actual being unfaithful had been fairly lopsided,  although, as had been white supremacist picture shoots. At the least  based on what we should recognize of Nazi Michelle McGee.


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