Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Conrad Murray Put of Sight Propofol before Calling 119

According to new report, dialing 911 was not the only concern of the physician of Michael Jackson. Before calling for help Dr. Conrad Murray tucked away little bottles of drugs as well as IV bag which was undoubtedly was full of sedative later blamed for Jackson’s death.

The AP report quotes that Murray, 57, was charged with one count of involuntary manslaughter.

Alberto Alvarez was trying to help Jackson last June 25.When he rushed to the room of Hackson, hew saw the singer lying in the bed and his leg was attached to an IV. The eyes and mouth of Jackson were widely opened and there was no sign of life.

When Murray was performing mouth-to-mouth resuscitation Alvarez took over CPR. CPR was halted by Murray in order he could took al rubber-topped vials which were put in a plastic bag by Alvarez.

Also Murray removed an IV bag which was full of milky white substance and put it in a blue canvas bag.

Two days later, police found propofol which is milky white as well as other sedatives in a bag which was in a closet located in Jackson’s bedroom.

Later it was ruled by the Los Angeles coroner that Jackson died because of a propofol overdose. But still the attorney of Murray denies that his client put of sight propofol. He claims that in the first police interview Alvarez did not say anything about hiding the medicine, but he did it only during the second police interview.

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