Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Ryan Reynolds, Scarlett Johansson split rumours dismissed

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Rumours of Ryan Reynolds and his wife Scarlett Johansson hitting splitsville have been dismissed after the couple were said to be eyeing a permanent move to New York.

A source close to the actress claimed the couple had reached an agreement to keep a lid on their relationship since it began in April 2007.

“People have been saying that they are on the rocks because they haven”t been spotted together recently, but that’’s only because they are both busy working,” the New York Daily News quoted the source as saying.

“She’’s been doing up to eight shows a week on Broadway, and he’’s been shooting the ”Green Lantern” in New Orleans. It’’s been tough, but they”re making it through just fine,” the source added.

Explaining the pair's alleged plans to shift to the Big Apple, the source said: “Scarlett is extremely close to her sister, Vanessa, who lives in Chelsea, and she wants to live full-time in the city."


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