Thursday, July 21, 2011

Lee Najjar

Lee Najjar, Many of you have been discovering the episode of MTV's Teen Cribs that features the little darlings of one Lee Najjar, Kim Zolciak's alleged sugar daddy,"Big Poppa." You'll be very interested to know that Lee is selling his sick Atlanta pad with an asking price of $25 million dollars.

It looks like the Najjars may be in the flipping business themselves. Their house was just completed this year! Or maybe Mrs. Najjar, also named Kim, got sick of her husband's mistress talking about all the stuff Big Poppa had gotten her on national television. In any case, this amazing house has 9 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, a ballroom, its own beauty parlor, 7 kitchens, recording studio and home theater. Big Poppa could have had Kim living here and no one would never know!

I found the following video on YouTube of Kim Najjar's birthday party earlier this year at their house. Kim Najjar is the lady in the red dress. And surprise — she's a brunette!

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