Friday, September 24, 2010

Dana Plato Playboy June 1989 Hot Photos

Dana Plato Playboy June 1989 Hot PhotosDana Plato Playboy June 1989 Hot Photos,Dana Plato has been known in the general public by her role as Kimberly in the famous comedy series "Diff'rent Strokes". In the series she played the role of the sister of two adopted black brothers, and the daughter of a rich man in New York. In the TV show she acted very well as a supporting actress and played a very pure and clean character. It was too bad though that she wasn't that pure and clean in reality.

After the show was finished she posed for the Playboy magazine's June, 1989 edition. This was not at all a dirty thing to do as compared to her other endeavors. Dana Plato was involved with drugs and alcohol at the age of 14. At that time she was acting in Diff'rent Strokes. The production team put up with her problems, but she crossed the line when she got pregnant with the child of her musician boyfriend. Due to that she was fired from the show. However she returned to the show in the final season.

Dana Plato was actually the daughter of a single mother and at that time single mothers seldom kept their children and raised them normally because society didn't allow that. Thus Dana was adopted by another couple. While growing up she went through drug abuse and other problems. After her respectable career in films and TV she started doing pornographic movies. She acted in a lot of porno movies including lesbian ones. She died in 1999 due to overdose of prescribed medicine.


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