Saturday, July 30, 2011

Tiffany Leong

Tiffany Leong Latest News updates, Being a lead actress has a price. In the case of Malaysian actress Tiffany Leong, it was a split lip from doing a kiss scene with actor Zzen Chang for the drama Priceless Wonder. For the record, it’s both the actors’ first time playing lead roles. Best remembered for starring as one of Zoe Tay’s gal pals in La Femme (2008), the former beauty queen joined the entertainment industry in 2006. She has also lent her hosting chops to the travelogue info-ed programme A Sensational Experience, which also featured Shanghainese heartthrob Dai Yang Tian.

‘It’s real and intense’ described Tiffany on her liplock with Zzen, who also hails from Malaysia.

Though there’s only one kissing scene in the drama, the actors had to lock lips several times from various camera angles.

For the final shot, it was a long and awkward five minutes before the director finally called them to stop kissing.

Even though the two felt that there was enough face-sucking, Tiffany recalls the director saying, ‘Continue kissing. Don’t stop if I didn’t say anything.’

The 25-year-old added, ‘If he still didn’t say stop, I wouldn’t have anywhere else to put my hands! My heart was racing already, and after that I realized my lips had split as the kissing was too intense!’

Luckily, the two are good friends off the set. The drama happens be their third TV show together, but their friendship goes further back.

‘Zzen and I go a long way back,’ said Tiffany. ‘And I also know his fiancee. She agreed to lend him to me for three months,’ but as she later revealed, Zzen forgot to tell his fiancee about the kiss scene.

She confessed that she’s envious of their bond, having seen them go from dating to being one step away from marriage.

The lady herself has been single for two years, though she admitted that ‘there is someone in Malaysia’ and prefers to let things take their natural course at the moment.

So what does she look for in a partner?

Smart, mature and dependable are a must, but most importantly her Prince Charming should also be able to take care of the damsel in distress.

Because of her busy schedule, the actress has once forgotten to take her meals for three straight days, managing to somehow survive on just water. She’s also fallen ill from work exhaustion, which took her half a year to recuperate.

Priceless Wonder debuts 17 Feb, 9pm, on Channel 8.

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