Thursday, December 9, 2010

Charlottesville News

He said the university was accused of 22 years) from the state of Virginia, to lacrosse player from Chevy Chase to kill a player of women in the Law, University of Charlottesville, and enforcement.

He was arrested Huguely V, a former player of all American School for Landon, on Monday morning and charged with first-degree murder in the death and said Police in love Yeardley 22 years), of Cockeysville, and witnesses said that the Maryland police that the pair, both elderly, were in a loving relationship.

Police said law enforcement and stated that she received a call about 02:15 Monday to an overdose of alcohol can love in an apartment, but discovered the physical trauma and clear to all of her body,. He noted love in bed room, law enforcement, and.

Significantly and were found in his apartment and arrested about 6:00

The release of the University President John Casteen issued a statement expressing sympathy with the families living Yeardley, colleagues and close friends.

“This now seems to have been killed by another student vehicles that sentiment by suggesting that the loss of Yeardley died without rest or solace from the nearest people to her,” he said. 6 foot 2, 209 £ Huguely graduated as a lacrosse player for All-American, and was player of the school team in the league tournament. During the Duke lacrosse scandal, has asked his father Huguely for comment regarding the scenario in which players had been observed at a later time to actually be wrongly accused of rape.

Help young people and expressed Huguely the players, some of whom were members of the previous panel. Huguely father said he spoke with his son about staying out of these types of cases.

“Regardless of what happens to the wind, you have to learn from this experience and take what could be it,” said George Huguely IV, The Washington Post. “You have to always remember, and can not allow yourself to be in a situation where something like this could happen.”

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