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Did Little Master Grand Finale, Did Little Master

Did Little Master Grand Finale, Did Little MasterDid Little Master Grand Finale, Latest News update about Did Little Master Grand Finale: Did Little Master, Did little Master Voting, Dance India Dance Little Master, Did little Masters, Dance india Dance, DID Little Master is a new dancing reality TV Show on ZEE TV. DID Little Masters on ZEE TV is aired from 30th April, 2010 at 9:30 PM in India. Dance India Dance creates a new era for junior dancing stars also with DID Li’l Masters in the history of Indian television.

DID Little Master Hosts:

DID Little Master hosts are Manish Paul and Saumya. Manish Paul is the most popular host of ZEE TV. He has hosted – Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Mega Challenge and Ghar Ghar Me Fursat Ke Lamhe also. Saumya Tandon is again back in DID Li’l Masters on ZEE TV as a host after the Dance India Dance 2.

DID Little Master Judges/Masters:

DID Little Master jury members are Remo D’Souza, Geeta Kapoor, Terence Lewis and Sandip Soparrkar. They judge the Show. They have been seen as the judge during the auditions of DID Little Master on ZEE TV.

DID Little Master Grandmaster:

Mithun Chakraborty will participate in this show as the Grandmaster. Grand Master Mithun Da will continue his gracious presence in the first season of Dance India Dance Li’l Masters on ZEE TV also.

DID Little Master Mentors:

DID Little Master mentors are Jay Kumar Nair, Amrita Mitra, Mayuresh-Vrushali and Dharmesh Yelande. They already have proved their talent in the series of Dance India Dance.

DID Little Masters Format:

DID Little Masters Show is also based on the same concept of Dance Indian Dance 2. The Show chooses 100 dancing stars through the auditions. These 100 dancing stars call for the mega auditions in Mumbai. Finally, the top 16 from these 100 stars are chosen for competition. DID Little Masters format is in the continuation of DID series. Winner of DID Little Master will be declared in the grand finale of the Show. Dance India Dance Little Master winner will be awarded by "The Golden Super Wings."

DID Little Masters Auditions:

DID Little Master audition was held in various cities of the country. DID Little Masters auditions had been organized in Delhi, Lucknow, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Nagpur, Guwahati, Kolkatta, Patna, Vadodara and Mumbai. Thousands of dancing wonders had participated in the auditions. DID Li’l Masters auditions had been dedicated to the thousands of contestants from the age group 5-13.

DID Li’l Master auditions had been advertised by an advertisement. Interested candidates had to register for an audition through an SMS or online form. Currently, auditions for DID Little Masters on ZEE TV are over.

First Episode of DID Little Master:

First episode of Dance India Dance Little Master was really very sizzling. It was the audition episode of DID Li’l Masters on ZEE TV. Thousands of contestants with their guardian had come to participate in the audition.

Ananya R Kurup was the first contestant of this audition. She performed very well. She got super wing by the judges.

Manoj Rathod was the most appreciating contestant of this audition. He proves his innocence along with the superb dancing style.

About DID Little Master:

DID Little Master is a new dancing reality TV Show on ZEE TV. The Show starts from 30th April, 2010 in India at 9:30 PM. Competition of the Show starts for "The Golden Super Wings".

DID Little Master concept came in mind during the auditions of DID 2 when some contestants make judges surprised by their fabulous performance. Dance India Dance series has emerged as the best dancing platform in the country. The Show maintains its standard and quality through dancing competition. DID 2 was the most successful season on ZEE TV.

Contestants of DID Little Masters on ZEE TV have already performed a dance on the grand finale of DID 2. The Show has been advertised on the many platforms.

DID Li’l Masters on ZEE TV create the biggest competition for Chak Dhoom Dhoom. Both Shows start in the competition of each other. Both are dancing reality TV Shows. DID L’il Masters aims to open doors for talented children of our country. Winner of DID Li’l Masters would be crowned as "India’s best child dancing sensation."

DID Little Master is started with an amazing opportunity to discover the hidden talent from various cities of the country. The Show searches "DANCE KE BAAP."

Dance India Dance Little Master proceeds with India Ke Best Kid Dancing Sensation Ki Khoj from the auditions.

Dance India Dance Little Master on ZEE TV has been introduced with some changes. During the auditions, junior dancers get "Super Wing" rather than "Taqdeer Ki Topi." Winner of DID Little Masters will be known as "Dance Ke Baap" rather than "India's Sabse Bada Dancing Star." DID Little Master will get "Golden Super Wing" or "Sunehri Super Wing" in the grand finale rather than "Sunehri Taqdeer Ki Topi."

Overall, concept of DID Li’l Master on ZEE TV is very similar to its previous. There are some changes in technical words only. This time, the whole team will be divided into 4. All four team would have 4 contestants. Farah Khan will also get a chance of being the judge of the Show.

DID Little Master on ZEE TV bring a revolutionary era in dance just like a singing era of Little Champs 2009. The Show maintains a standard just like DPL. The Show is able to make us learn in our home also. We also try to learn by watching the Show on ZEE TV. Watch DID Little Masters on ZEE TV every Friday and Saturday at 9:30 PM in India.

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