Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Lost Finale Explanation

Lost Finale ExplanationLost Finale Explanation: Lost Finale has finally been explained! Lost, the tv series which glued many to its fan base has now came to an end. The Lost finale explanation is what everyone wanted and want. Lost Finale, are they in purgatory or not? What really happened in all these episodes and whose interpretation was right among the millions of followers in the world?As it says "Viewers, where are we? The answer: Almost anywhere we want to be"! The simple answer after the final show is that the whole story was not purgatory but only part of the last season was!

Everything that you saw in the show happened. Starting from the plane crash, moving through the smoke monster to the protection of the island and others. In simple words, all the flash forwards and flash backs of the show was in fact the reality and things that happened.

Confusing series right? That is what the producers wanted. Each character which died in the show in fact died in the real universe to be then transported to a single point in purgatory. The final aim was the after life, so everyone had to die to reach that point including those who managed to escape the island.

Now coming back to our real life, the question is if fans are happy with the series ending. Some are more confused than ever while some are quite happy to have predicted the right meaning of the show.

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